What to Write in a College Essay

I did i went back and like meticulously studied why exactly I thought these schools would be so kind of to open their doors to me ten out of ten now. I have some advice to recommend oh god let's get down to business to defeat the puns no but seriously let's start so I don't embarrass myself all right now the one thing. I want you to remember when brainstorming and when writing your collegepaperworld.com is the main objective of the essay you have one job okay and that one job is to convince the school of the overlay’s black background for better contrast.

That you're applying to twitch in now schools are different so they want different people to fill those different roles so you got to be smart do your research on your school but one thing most schools are looking for our students who are going to be successful regardless of where they go to school these goals want to cherry pick you you want to pick the best one so when they release you out into the wild later they can be like. I did that I created that okay so first and foremost when you're thinking of what topic to write your essay on think what might be schools like to see hmm maybe somebody's is determined maybe somebody who never gives up maybe somebody who has ingenuity losing from their eye sockets. I don't know I don't know but you'd yet you got to be smart about presenting yourself in a package that these schools want to see oh that's a great transition because now we're going to talk about the whole package of your application when you're thinking of what topic to write your essay on you want to include a side of you that is not shown anywhere else in your application now that doesn't mean go crazy and start talking to your colleges they like your best girl friend from high school no no colleges do not need to know how many drinks you have last Friday night or how many boys you may or may not have that relations which keep that side of yourself to yourself. When I say show a side of yourself that's not shown in the rest of your application? I mean show that you're compassionate show that you have an artsy side show that you know. How to think or show the ways that you think like for example? if you're a track star been running for four years and been captain for three colleges already know that you're a leader right you don't need to tell them that what colleges may not know from reading about your track experience is how you overcame pulling your hamstring that third year of high school but how you push through that anyway you know just something that can't be learned from the bare essentials of your academic resume. Oh mom look look oh my god I said so many words and we're not even on the third pit yet so moving on now if you're still struggling with what to write about I think one of the most like hit them hard formulas you can follow is to write about what you want to do after college and what in your life made you want to do that funnily enough this is the problem that Berkeley gave to me in 2011 when I was applying so if you want to see my response to that problem you can look at my successful Harvard application essays that I will actually link down below and that might give you a good idea of how exactly to respond to that and how that shows your personality in the process now one thing I gotta say is if you're trying to figure out what caliber of an essay your essay should be go take a look at other essays that have been written by students who got into the college that you want to get into not to plagiarize oh my god do not play drama but just to know how high the bar is set for you to jump over if you think the bars only decide and you jump this size when in reality the bars out here oh my god ah break some bones trying to get it it will not be pretty you will not get the intended result so figure out what caliber of si your fa needs to be and then do it stick it in verbose Samir is adjusting alright so so far the tips of all been pretty cut-and-dry hopefully insightful but one other thing i want you to remember is that you got to think outside of the l7 you got to think outside the box if the essay portion of your application doesn't necessarily say you need to write an essay consider writing a poem or i once saw this amazing thing the prompt for the college essay was what's the most courageous thing you've ever done and the kid wrote this that's got c right that's all I got you say so much sometimes by just taking a different approach one thing I definitely want to challenge you to do be a little creative with your writing so one easier maybe less cutsie way to show that your greatest is typic an interesting theme or metaphor or story that you use to express that point that you want to make about who you are for example if i want to show how good I am at overcoming obstacles maybe I can talk about that day that I ate 50 pancakes in one sitting for example maybe if I'm a really short individual like under 5 feet and I want to express how strong I am maybe I could make this giant metaphor about being an ant hi I'm yes or no my spirit animal is an ant yeah yeah that sounds good you know colleges will love that yes no giving them great advice yes or no yeah no but just kids that college is something they aren't used to seeing last thing I want to do because I know a huge part of the trouble with college essays is the procrastination behind it so I want to challenge you guys after you leave this video to brainstorm three ideas you could possibly use in a college essay you can write them down in the comments below or you can write them on a sheet of paper at home is the main objective of the essay you have one job okay and that one job is to convince the school of the overlay’s black background for better contrast.